Prison Overcrowding

The facts are clear: Massachusetts is getting it wrong when it comes to prison overcrowding, while other states are getting it right. Massachusetts prisons are some of the most overcrowded and expensive in the country. Our prisons are currently at 144% of capacity, and the new Corrections Master Plan predicts a massive shortage of prison beds by 2020. Massachusetts jails and prisons do not have the physical space to humanely house more prisoners, the state lacks the financial resources to build its way out of this crisis, and new prison construction does not address the causes and detrimental effects of increased incarceration rates. Massachusetts needs to be smart on crime, and improve public safety by finding alternatives to incarceration whenever possible.

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Overcrowding Facts

The Truth About Prison Overcrowding in Massachusetts Massachusetts has a serious, severe problem with prison overcrowding.  This cuts across detention levels and genders.  Both female and male prisoners are facing extreme overcrowding conditions.  Whether they are being held in minimum security or in maximum security, prisoners are living in conditions that are cramped and uncomfortable. …

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The Cost to Taxpayers

What It’s Costing: Fiscal Burdens of Prison Overcrowding in MA Overcrowding MA prisons are at over 140% of their capacity, with many operating at more than 200% of their intended capacity, and some over 300%. As of March 2011, there were 11,388 inmates in 18 facilities managed by the Department of Corrections. That number is …

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Additional Resources

For additional information and resources on prison overcrowding, please see the following links: Massachusetts Jails and Prisons National Institute of Corrections, Statistics for the State of Massachusetts Massachusetts Department of Correction (DOC) Massachusetts Parole Board many DOC publications and reports are available online, including: Quarterly Report on Admissions and Releases, Fourth Quarter 2011 Ten-Year Prison Population Projections …

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